Activities and services

Labor Consultancy

Studio Brenna and Bonavitacola deals with all the aspects related to the establishment, management and conclusion of labor contracts.

Our assistance is offered  during the  pre-contractual stage and afterwards, through customized consultations by appointment at the office, by mail or by phone in relation to your specific needs.

Our professionals have also recognized experience in the field of industrial relations within the company for practices such as second-level bargaining, drafting of internal contracts, agreements and internal regulations, individual and collective transactions. Our expertise also embraces corporate crisis management in the labor field.

We also provide services for:

  • Employment in construction industry;
  • Domestic Workers;
  • Agents and sales representatives;
  • Managing corporate crises (social security, lay – off  and  replacements);
  • Mergers and acquisitions (labor contracts management);
  • Trade Union issues  (both individual and collective);
  • Assistance in Administrative Arguments (INPS, Inail, etc.);
  • Management of mandatory placement (for disabilited subjects, according to Italian laws).

Legal Consultancy

  • Assistance in  legal field.

Personnel administration

The staff   works  with great competence, punctuality and precision, managing  all the aspects of employment relationship and ensuring perfect compliance with taxes, labor and social security.

We manage workers on assignment to Swiss Confederation, and more generally to foreign countries.

  • Personnel administration in all its aspects, including administration, social security and tax;
  • Mandatory disclosures to authorities;
  • Labor Book-Keeping (Libro Unico del Lavoro);
  • Personnel costs and accounting with  related statistics.
  • Transfer in foreign countries.

Business consulting

Over the years, partly due to the increasing complexity of the labor market and the skills required by businesses, we have developed expertise in recruitment and selection of  administrative high-skilled staff in case of specific request of our customers.

  • Periodic free training meetings aimed at customers testify our dedication in sharing information about the most important new features in the context of evolving regulations.
  • Recruiting service for high-skilled profiles.

Returns/Tax Assistance

The Firm is authorized to tax assistance (“730”). Private citizens wishing to make use of these services are invited to contact our staff.

  • Income Tax Returns - CAF 730;
  • Practices of self-defense with  Revenue Authority;
  • Real estate tax practices (“IMU-TASI”

Peculiar contracts

We have extensive experience in not ordinary contractual forms and sectors which require targeted knowledge.

  • Professional apprenticeship / drafting individual training plan;
  • Other atypical contracts (job sharing, job –on-call, etc.);
  • Sportsmen and entertainment (“Ex-Enpals”);
  • Journalism (“Inpgi”).
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